Friday, August 27, 2010

best adnetworks in world

I have just started  using Retrack Media to monetize my blog. For 15 days now, it’s running smoothly on my blog.
I like their banner ads (image ads) as its advertising medium because it complements with my blog’s header and looks of my website. It also looks good with my other ads.
Another thing that I like is that Retrack Media banner is compatible with other ad networks such as Google Adsense which in the coming months, I tried to join adsense, but
they have rejected me, So i am trying this RETRACK MEDIA Advertising Network.

How will I earn?
a. I will get 60% of share earning. It means that when an advertiser pay $1.00/click, I will get $0.6.
b. And 80% for referring others
There are contrasting feedbacks I read about Retrack Media, the low spots are the following: that it is a scam, the ads loads slowly, pays very low and high pay-out ($10).
The high spots are it is the best Adsense alternative (alternative because, now Google does not accept many publishers and their reasons for not accepting
is also not convincing),but this Retrack  network has prompt and friendly customer service.
I think these feedbacks are useful to me. At this instant, I am very contented using Retrack Media.All i am looking forward is to their payment. It’s worth a try and then I will evaluate my experience.
Come, join now and get it a try.

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